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First they take the sea, then the galaxy…

China’s current terraforming activities and proposed designs for cities and vehicles provide an excellent way to expand their territory and power; not just within its nearby waters, but also beyond Earth. Creating new land and living in ever more hostile environments, such as beneath the ocean and in orbit, allows it to continue to develop its industrial base and fully leapfrog the first world nations to become an off-world one

Japan – perhaps trying to remind everyone how big they were in the 01980s and are due for a comeback tour, of sorts – is on a similar path, its heavy industries simultaneously reaching up to the heavens and down into the quiet deep.

And Singapore just doesn’t want to be remembered as Disneyland with the Death Penalty.

Its a new century and the Asian region is quite happy to rise on its own, ditching previous relationships with a decadent Europe and declining America, instead forming partnerships with Russia and Africa and forging its own fate, in the stars.